Chromatographic Method Development

Every method development project is different and, based on separation scientist experience and intuition, it can take from two to four weeks to obtain a reliable method.

Furthermore, international regulatory bodies are emphasising more and more the adoption of  approach for method development. ACD/Labs support separation scientists with specific solution able to address both simple and complex projects.

When you deal with a complex sample having 10 or more peaks, and have to use two or three different channels (UV, MS, diode array, etc.) to detect all the peaks, ACD/AutoChrom is the right solution for you if are looking for answers to some of the following questions:

  • Is it possible to build a fit-for-purpose method development strategy for my projects? ACD/AutoChrom has method strategy assistant that helps you to define your project phases (screening, optimization, robustness) taking into account different parameters for:
    • Column, mobile phase (buffer/pH) and solvent screening
    • Gradient, temperature, solvent ratio and pH optimization
  • Is it possible to link my method development strategy with lab instruments and keep track of all data along the way? When you have defined your method development strategy, ACD/AutoChrom is able to communicate to Waters or Agilent instruments the parameters you have defined in order to run experiments. Once injections are completed, the results are stored into ACD/AutoChrom and ready to be processed.
  • Is it possible to avoid manual peak tracking among different injections? ACD/AutoChrom is able to track algorithmically all peaks between runs both for UV and MS detectors.
  • How can I share successful methods with colleagues? Build a database of in-house methods, complete with method parameters, chromatograms and chemical structures, simply transferring project information stored in ACD/AutoChrom. Retrieve previous separation methods from available datasets:
    • Perform a simple structure, substructure, or structure similarity search of the database to retrieve methods for similar compounds
    • Search database(s) by method parameters, retention time, or other user data
  • Is it possible to generate a comprehensive report to document all method development work I have done? ACD/AutoChrom can capture complete project information in one document that clearly states method and experimental parameters to ensure traceability

Is there a dedicated solution for simpler mixtures? When you deal with simpler mixtures, use just one detector and regulations compliance is less stringent, you can rely on ACD/Method Selection Suite to develop and optimize your methods in less time.

Latest news

Workshop al 63° Simposio AFI 5 giugno 2024 - Rimini

Workshop al 63° Simposio AFI 5 giugno 2024 - Rimini


Mercoledì 5 giugno vi invitiamo a partecipare al Workshop:



Saremo lieti di incontrarvi presso lo stand n. 5 dell'area espositiva.



Meet TOXIT at SITOX 2023!

Meet TOXIT at SITOX 2023!

TOXIT is enthusiastic to join the 21st National Congress of Toxicology organised by the Italian society of Toxicology SITOX! We will be in Bologna from the 20th to the 22nd of February. We are also glad to share that Dr. Marta Lettieri will be presenting a poster titled “Skin sensitization: AOPs and (Q)SAR models”  (P5/1). 

Looking forward to meeting you there!


Machine learning in early prediction of metabolism of drugs for rare diseases

We are proud to announce that our colleague Marta Lettieri will be speaking at the workshop "Modelling & Simulation: Research Methodologies for Small Populations in Rare Diseases", which will be held in Bari on July 4th-5th.



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